A History of Warfare by John Keegan

Book Title: A History of Warfare

Publisher: Vintage

Author: John Keegan

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John Keegan with A History of Warfare

  • The Face of Battle: A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo, and the Somme
  • The First World War
  • The American Civil War
  • Intelligence in War: Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda
  • Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age (Princeton Paperbacks)
  • A History of Strategy: From Sun Tzu to William S. Lind
  • The Book of War
  • The Leader's Bookshelf
  • The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won
  • Successful Strategies: Triumphing in War and Peace from Antiquity to the Present